Friday, 23 September 2011

Abby’s Passing

High tide rests awaiting a beckoning moon,
The bay calms to tranquility,
My tears mingle with the brine
That gently laps a requiem of peace.
Your soul sails on the breeze of freedom.

A pup, hair askew and ears aflop,
Gazing quizzically from your cage atop the stoop.
You ‘walked the plank’ searching for a fishing bobber
And were safely netted from the deep.
A patient mother to your errant sister Tess;
Loyal and faithful through life’s turmoil;
Tanya’s constant shadow.

Countless walks along the old Kemp Road
In rain, shine, wind and snow,
Geese, turkey and the coyote were our wild companions,
You always kept a lookout from far behind.
Sniffing spots on River Path and Mystery Park
Demanded your freedom from split- leashed tyranny.
Being lost meant run, panic and then find me at the gas bar!

All dogs big and small respected your Scottish bred authority!
No TV Maggie you!
A groomer’s scourge in your dowager years,
And yet a good companion,
Chasing squeaky toys on lawns and corridors,
Rolling for a belly scratch at the sight of Jos’s lean frame.
You brought us joy, health, comfort; requiring little in return.

And so I gaze upon the ocean spume, a thousand miles away from you,
A black crow feather drifts slowly by in a gentle swirl of sea grass,
It carries my prayer of thankfulness for all you gave us
And my hope that we will walk together once again.

Bryan Douglas Cook August 2011

Context for Abby's Passing
Written sea cliff-side as our first Westie, Abby, was being put to sleep in Ottawa to suffer no longer the effects of a brain tumor. Tanya returned to help her in her final days along with Emily and Josiah. The prayer feather actually floated by in a swirl of sea-weed. A sweet and sad reflection for a faithful friend and walking companion.

Read at Tree Reading Series 27 September 2011

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