Friday, 23 September 2011

Full Moon Eve

Sea horses have ceased to toss their foaming manes
Before the lashing of an eastern wind.
The anvil clouds of driving rain have fled,
Mist mutes an inky sky,
The air is stilled with hushed tranquility
As the Moon ascends to her celestial zenith.
The ocean lies prostrate and grey in supplication,
Awaiting the command of her full orb to ebb or flow.
Black seaweed windrows line the red sand strand.
A dark canvas on which she casts her pale reflection of the Sun
And scatters her moon-beams across the water,
A shimmering path of ephemeral fractals,
Ghosting bleached driftwood and
Blazing sedge and sea mustard with ethereal light.
Suddenly, a sea breeze heralds night; colour flees;
A cloak of darkness wraps the shore in restless sleep.

Bryan Douglas Cook 19 August 2011

Context for Full Moon Eve
Inspired by a photograph I took of an evening full moon on the PEI South Shore over Hillsborough Bay, while I was on holiday in August 2011. I hope Hester Boyle paints it.

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