Friday, 23 September 2011

Is It Worth It?

A writer of doggerel is a lonely person
Whose verse is praised by only those within its phrases,
Established laureates expect extensions of the day’s conventions,
Feelings once again retreat to empty places.
Torn to ribbons but not a page is worn,
Ridicule leaves muse still-born.
His voice retreats to a mirage of silent safety,
His manic roller-coaster ramps and dives incessantly.
His purpose may be for introspection, or
Perhaps he yearns for personal vindication,
Or could both string his soul and muse to hypertension?

Bryan D. Cook September 2010 revised October 2010 revised April 2011

Context for Is It Worth It?

The author is on a journey of discovering his feelings through poetry after years of suppression to the norms of work and the expectations of society. His style is evolving rapidly from late romantic towards more free-form. He still however believes in the values of rhyme and rhythm, which are sometimes dismissed as old fashioned, almost to the point of being traits of doggerel.

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