Friday, 7 October 2011

Bill’s Birthday

Is fighter pilot Bill any older today?
I think not a jot!
His step is spry and that same twinkle’s in his eye
As he regales with yet another of his tales!
His memory is strong and embellishment is long,
How many ways could he have met his dear Jeanette?
His one name study shows that the tribe of Arthurs grows,
Dismaying lords of Hamilton with pollution of the lineage,
But Bill’s blood still rises at the call to Bannockburn.
So he sits at his deep desk high in his eyrie over Rideau
Drawing muse from Lampman’s stomping ground,
He never will be silenced and he never will be bound,
He will be flying like his ducks when we’re all underground!

Bryan Douglas Cook 3 October 2011

Context for Bill’s Birthday
A tongue-in-cheek poetry birthday card for Bill Arthur’s, a former cold war fighter pilot who is now living with his wife Jeanette on a bluff over-looking the Rideau Canal where the poet Lampman once had a cottage.

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