Saturday, 8 October 2011

Quantum Future

Oh My Goodness! Have you heard about the Tachyon?
It beat a Photon to a mountain in Alpine Italy.
That’s faster that the cosmic speed of light!
Once a mathematics construct of zero- mass dimension,
A square root of something negative or the like,
It’s now a particle of physics, a collider frenzy target, and
Sure to make poor Einstein spin within his grave.
Perhaps it travels through the cosmos on a radiative pathway
Leaving slow neutrino cousins in its wake;
Or takes a wormhole short-cut between alternating universes
In and out of matter, Dark and Light,
Crossing spherical surfaces including Our particular World of Time and Space.
So take heart all of you’ll be proven right for sure!
Dr. Who throw wide the TARDIS door!
The Tachyon is the key to a metaphysical portal, and
Though technology and politics will impose a lengthy wait,
I know I’ll bid you welcome as you step on through the gate!

Bryan Douglas Cook 4 October 2011

Context for Quantum Future

This poem was inspired by a discussion I had with my son Josiah about the recent findings concerning the neutrino called Tachyon. I learned more about the status of the research ( still very speculative) from “Faster Than Light...Have scientists found a particle which breaks the cosmic speed limit” at the Sixty Symbols website of the University of Nottingham at
Some of the wording was as spoken by Josiah and I composed it in a ten minute car ride home from his house.
TARDIS is Dr. Who’s time travel machine named after the acronym for “Time and Relative Dimension In Space”

Read at Tree Reading Series 10 October 2011

Photo is of Kepler's Supernova Remnant, SN 1604, V 843 Ophiuchi, G004.5+06.8
Credit: NASA, ESA, R. Sankrit and W. Blair (Johns Hopkins University)

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