Sunday, 27 November 2011

Archie Lampman's Cottage

Upon the curve of a secluded lane,
Bowered in stately woodland and grassy knoll,
Near yet far from Hog’s Back hustle and Bytown bustle,
Beside By’s Canal where tower- crested Carleton campus lies,
Thronging with busy, wireless youth and tireless energies,
A cottage once was hidden in serenity;
Then a canoe trip and a hike through pine and field from Ottawa,
Where Archie Lampman found his muse
And dreamt romantic verse beneath the northern star.
Bluff- hidden, overlooking the lush greens of farm and arboretum,
Where a brook lazily confluences in willowed haven,
There once a trout rose to the fly,
A brook, which had meandered free through bush and open glen,
Is now culvert-drained to the will of men.
Here ducks dabble in summer’s rich aquatic bloom,
Turtle and muskrat plough a watery furrow,
Carp and silverside roll with occasional splash,
Kingfisher dive with blue-hued flash, and
Tree frogs' trill the nightfall's serenade.

Bryan Douglas Cook November 2011
Context for Archie Lampman's Cottage
I abstracted this poem and rewrote it in part from a longer poem I composed in August 2010 (and listed in this blog as An August Afternoon at the Arthurs’).It was prepared for the TREE mapping exercise led by Monty Reid. I have added it to my blog in hommage to this great Canadian romantic poet. The picture of Archie Lampman (1861-1899) is from Wikipedia : Topley Studio / Library and Archives Canada / PA-027190 and was taken in 1889, ten years before his untimely death.

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