Monday, 28 November 2011

Cleopatra, Our Immortal Cat

A calico soul left peacefully this morn,
Silent and graceful as her tread,
Her heart, so full of love, was worn,
A pathway reincarnate lay ahead.
Abandoned to a curb- side frozen,
Rescued by humane attention,
A waif princess so quickly chosen,
Giving all such unconditional affection.
Why so young to leave your cloistered home?
Thaw weeps her tears upon the window sill,
Jack cries alone,
Grey mists chill the void we cannot fill.
Our solace comes in knowing that your purity and care
Were needed by another soul somewhere.

Bryan Douglas Cook 24 November 2011

Context for Cleopatra Our Immortal Cat
Before dawn on a misty Thursday 24 November 2011, Cleopatra, our beloved calico cat from the Humane Society, soul cat to our daughter Emily, died prematurely at the age of 9 years from unpredicted, congestive heart failure. There had been an early light snowfall which was thawing out. Jack and Bean were two tuxedo shelter cats she had cared for. Bean died earlier this year, leaving Jack to mourn her alone. I decided to celebrate her life, passing and future in a Shakespearean style sonnet, though words fail to fully express our grief at the loss of this most nurturing of beings.

Read at tree Reading Series 13 December 2011

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  1. aw, sorry to hear about your furry lady, Bryan.