Saturday, 31 December 2011


Child imprinted,
Adult haunted, drowning, numb,
Parent lost and found.

Knotted muscles pain,
oiled hands press and rub, soothing
until stress returns.

Nerves jammed by bones,
rebalanced to equilibrium
with acupunctured rest.

Bryan Douglas Cook December 2011

Context for "Therapies"
I composed the components of this poem while receiving therapy for my mind and body.

Read at Tree Reading Series 10 January 2012

The luxury of the massage table
Photo: Facebook....SIAM Thai Massage - Cape Town

Acupuncture chart
from Hua Shou (Ming Dynasty 1340s) source: Wikipedia “Acupuncture”

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Medical Machines

Strapped prisoner
in stainless revolution,
magnetic human.

Isotope injection,
a radioactive flashlight
in my heart and brain.

Take this position,
deep breath, hold and do not move,
living skeleton.

Bryan Douglas Cook December 2011

Context for Medical Machines
I had to undergo a series of tests as a "guinea pig" in a research study at the Ottawa Heart Institute. These included MRI, NMR and X-Ray. This poem reflects that experience.

Read at Tree Reading Series 10 January 2012

MRI Machine (also used for NMR)

X-Ray Machine

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bottom Dead Centre

Boy dreamt in conflict,
downsland chalk and butterflies,
Cairo’s desert boy.

---------A life offender,
---------love’s obsessed assassin,
---------oblivion at last.

++++++++++++++++New senses kindle
++++++++++++++++serenity, knowing now
++++++++++++++++kisses never shame.

Bryan Douglas Cook December 2011

Context for Bottom Dead Centre

This Haiku (5-7-5) Triptych is based on initials drawn from my name at the start of each line and internally to each line....a friend described it as a literary Rubik's cube.... thus:

Bryan Douglas Cook




It's a kind of autobiography.

The structure was experimental and difficult, but helped focus on the essence of each personal experience.

In a reciprocating engine, the dead centre is the position of a piston in which it is farthest from, or nearest to, the crankshaft. The former is known as top dead centre (TDC) while the latter is known as bottom dead centre (BDC).

TDC rather than BDC is critical to tuning the firing and hence performance of the engine. TDC of piston #1 is the datum point from which ignition system measurements are made and the firing order is determined. For example, ignition timing is normally specified as degrees before top dead centre (BTDC) although a very few small and fast-burning engines require a spark just after top dead centre (ATDC). Source: Wikipedia "Top Dead Centre"

Read at Tree Reading Series 10 January 2012

A stone’s throw from London, Box Hill,in the chalk northern downsland of Surrey U.K., has been a coveted place of great natural beauty for centuries of city dwellers. Jane Austen's heroine Emma in the 1816 novel of the same name visited Box Hill to discover what ‘…everybody found so much worth seeing’.
Box Hill’s great beauty is matched by its richness of wildlife including butterflies like the Adonis Blue (Photos courtesy of and the U.K. National Trust).