Thursday, 12 January 2012


Discarded litter, tiny kitten,
rescued, barely living;
Emily’s little foundling,
cradled in Cleo’s down.

Jill to Gilles to jelly Bean,
tuxedoed, soft and sleek;
playful, skittish, ever wary,
fleet to hide unseen.

You stole our hearts and gave us joy,
chasing Jack in play;
but frailty could not hold your soul,
your time had come that day.

A final kiss and lingered stroke,
you parted through our mist of tears,
on your journey reincarnate,
at peace and free from fears.

Bryan Douglas Cook January 2012

Context for "Bean"
Our daughter Emily adopted Bean from the Humane Society along with his sister and brother Jack. The little sister died a few days later of "cat AIDS" which Bean also suffered from all his life. Our calico cat Cleopatra nurtured him and let him suckle for comfort. Despite all the odds, he survived and went though "cat adolescence", maturing from what we all thought was a "she" to a "he"....and thus his name evolved as well! He died young of complications and cancer, but remains very dear in our hearts.


Jack and Bean "birding"

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