Saturday, 31 March 2012

March Haiku


old keys
on the ash
snow melts

slush paths
criss-cross yellow grass
a cardinal sings

March wind
blows cold and hot
coyotes whelping

spring geese
honking in the clouds

melt water
breaks the beaver dam
in cottage country

geese return
river fog rises
with the sun

frozen hills
in a high-rise view
a spider weaves

new web
no moths at the porch light
late frost

For Pearl

in the tulips

gentle breeze
perfumed by lilacs
bubble soap

Bryan D.Cook March 2012, Ottawa

Context for March Haiku
The "frozen hills" and "new web" haiku were composed through a window view from a dentist's chair! The "For Pearl" haiku where written for Pearl Pirie's birthday; the same Pearl who organises the Tree Seed Workshops where I learn so much about the craft of poetry.

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