Sunday, 1 April 2012

Message Found in a Bottle

Oh fortunate one!

Muddy foot traveller,
embankment wanderer,
fish finder, beach dweller,
coloured glass mongerer,
you, have found a message in a bottle!

What a fantastic stroke of luck!
Perhaps some maiden of
the Ottawa river, or
even the Saint-Lawrence
has brought this small message to you!

I wish you best of luck with
the rest of your river adventures!
Stomp around in the mud!
Fly over fields!
The World is yours and You are Free!


Context for “Message Found in a Bottle”

On April 1st 2012, I found this message in a sealed Perrier bottle. I was scavenging with my dog Tess along the spring flood line of the south bank of the Ottawa River behind the Carine Wilson Secondary School in Orleans, Ontario.

It had such a poetic flair that I decided to add it to this blog. The stanza format is my own....I love how each one land’s on “you”, the finder! They could almost be “natural tanka”. The poem also really reflects my nature!

The bottle also had a photo of a winter scene with the caption “p.s. the photo is an excerpt from my photo essay “winter”. I hope it is a better time of year when you read this!”

The author says “Write Me!” Ret. 483 Edison Ave, K2A1V1, Ottawa, ON, CAN.

I will contact him and report any news here.

Matthias replied and described how the initial launch was by himself and a companion off Ottawa's Victoria Island below the Chaudiere Falls.

I have added my own message and picture to those of Matthias in a heavier champagne  bottle, sealed it well and got a fishing captain to re-launch it in the ocean off Cove Head Harbour on Prince Edward Island's north shore this July. I wonder who will find it!


  1. Interesting post, Bryan. Glad I found your blog, through Claudia's. Hoping you will add my blog as a link to yours. (My wordpress one is below)

    I have put a link to your blog on mine just now!

    Carol A. Stephen