Tuesday, 15 May 2012

April 2012 Tanka, Haiku and Senryu

hawthorn blossoms
over a foot-worn stile
fragrant shade
in which to watch the cricket
on the village green

lime trees
line the path beside
the green
a cricket match declares
for tea and biscuits

drapes the footpath
in the graveyard
our parents rest beneath a rose
trellised on a knapped- flint wall

below chalk cliffs
a trawler guts its catch
to mobbing gulls
night falls , cut nets are beached
and casks stored in the caves

Easter Sunday
the naked forest pregnant
in a warming sun
buds swell , straw greens,
maple sap flows bitter in the pails

water boatmen
scud the beaver pond on
surface tension
tempting hungry fish
from deadheads far below

in steerage
dreams of fortunes to be won
to sink with the unsinkable
shoes rest below an iceberg sea

of post- war hope
playing in bomb damage
driven to succeed
and to escape

a woodpecker
drums out grubs
in my head

window shopping
for birds

the void
takes so long
to fill

in the hot tub
a full moon

can’t remember
if I’m senile

Context for April 2012 Tanka, Haiku and Senryu

I am not sure if I am there yet in mastering these Japanese poetic forms but I think I am improving! Many of these are images from my youth in Banstead, Surrey, England. The Titanic is remembered on the anniversary of the sinking. "Maggie" and "Void" were written in memory of David Blaikie's cat, Maggie. The rest were inspired by the forest in April

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