Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dawn on the Shore

Dawn on the Shore

Dawn’s blaze fires the cliffs and
tempers water purple, mauve and blue.
My shadow lengthens as I wander
by damp caves and cliff falls
sweetened with the scent of myrtle.
I cross the strandline of a winter gale,
bleached with shells and dry seaweed, and
greet the gentle lapping of an ebbing tide
where tiny pipers scurry shrimp.
Hours drift
in search of gems which glisten in the shallows or
frost in salted wind upon the beach;
lost and found beside my foot prints,
they are my worry beads, my rosary.

Bryan D. Cook Ottawa, November 20,2012

Context for "Dawn on the Shore"
I find the beaches below the red sandstone cliffs of the South Shore of Prince Edward Island a wonderful place to meditate, especially in the changing colours of dawn as I search for sea glass.

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