Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dream Wedding

Dream Wedding

I dreamt I walked the tidal strand at the dawn of a wedding day,
Lulled by a calm serenity across the Hillsborough Bay.

The perfumed scent of new mown hay drifted from the fields,
A misted curtain hung in the sky, scattering pale moon beams;
The water gleamed a plankton green and flashed with mackerel sheen,
While the lights that guided ancient ships back-lit this tranquil scene.

On a grassy knoll above red-stone cliffs at the end of Blackberry Lane,
Where fairies dance in mushroom rings and golden mustard flames,
The Island clans had gathered to hear the wedding banns
Of the flaxen maid Christena and Dan the fisherman.

With fond embrace they pledged themselves for all eternity,
Then sealed their oath with a lingering kiss of love and constancy;
And with that kiss, a minstrel sound was heard across the bay,
Swelling to an anthem in celebration of their day.

The waves they plucked a Celtic harp in crescendos of ebb and flow,
While fiddler crabs bowed a Gaelic reel as they scuttled to and fro;
Whales in the deep Atlantic echoed a haunting bass,
As the oysters sang soprano and the mussels a descant low,
While ‘neath the sands, the striped bar clams gurgled a soft alto.

Tuxedoed crows and snow-gowned gulls danced a ballet so divine,
As herons rose in single file, a plumaged chorus line;
The lobsters tap-danced on the rocks, snapping their claws in time, and
A troupe of acrobatic seals turned somersaults in the brine.

Then up from the curved horizon brimmed the morning sun,
Its warming rays roused me from my haze; the new day had begun;
From Stewart’s barn came the merry sound of revellers full of cheer,
And the first to waltz was Christena fair and Dan, her husband dear.
For Christena and Dan with love and
 a wish from Bryan that all your dreams may be fulfilled.
Ottawa, June, 2012

Context for "Dream Wedding"
I was honoured to compose and read a poem for the wedding of Christena, the daughter of Stewart Darrach and Hester Boyle, our friends in PEI, to Dan Lemelin, an avid sport fisherman. I did not realise that it had to be given from the pulpit, but it seemed to go over well with the congregation. It took a lot of composure to read as my eyes were misty from the previous  beautiful singing of Leonard Cohen's "hallelujah" by Diane MacRae!

The happy couple

Best lady and Christena

The "clan"

Dan fishing afterwards!

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