Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Daily Catch

The Daily Catch

Breakers comb the seaweed rows,
an eagle hangs on thermals high above the
arctic terns in caplin frenzy, as
grey seals lazy up the bay to dive for crab.

My tin boat anchors at the honey hole,
wreck of the “Five Brothers”,
marked on those ancient charts which
guided brigantines of pioneers
past Rocky Point to Charlottetown.

Chum streams in the current
scenting shoaling mackerel to my hooks;
soon six score are in the cooler; but
now the tide is turning and the
others leave as quickly as they came.

Cormorants hang their feathers out to dry
on mussel tenders berthed at Nine Mile Creek;
the sun sets beyond Rice Point as
I head for shore beneath an anvil sky.

Marguerite greets me with her pail; 
warm scones for fish, fair trade indeed!

Bryan D. Cook  November 20, 2012

Context for "The Daily Catch"

I love to catch mackerel in Hillsborough Bay, Prince Edward Island. I fish from a recycled tin boat called "Dumpster Dan" with a recycled 9.8 h.p. motor. Marguerite always watches my progress and safety with her binoculars and we trade after most catches. The evening skies are incredible.

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