Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Dark Side

The Dark Side

A serpent totem lies bleached on Rocky Point,
above muddy flats where bottles jag and polypropylene ensnares;
its eyes stare hollow at the rusted ribs and
concrete carcass of a ferry wharf
abandoned for a distant bridge and smog.
Rancid seaweed reeks the shore as
sand fleas  burrow in their millions and mosquitoes breed in stagnant pools.
Tattered cormorants foul the roost, unblinking at the
mussel mats toxic with infection from manure heaps and
fertiliser to feed the blight of potato farms.
An oyster boat rots; the fishery destroyed.
A behemoth cruises up the sewer,
Two thousand tourist diodes flash as
Annie beckons from her traps.

Bryan D. Cook Ottawa  December 2012

Context for "The Dark Side"

I hope that Islanders will forgive this stark poem. I was shocked by what I found at Rocky Point close to the old Charlottetown ferry wharf. It seems so beautiful from afar, but then........ I love P.E.I. as many of my poems attest...but sometimes you have to describe the yin which goes with the yang.

Rocky Point 

Serpent Totem

Old Ferry Wharf 


Abandoned Oyster Boat

Costa Atlantica passes Rocky Point  (Photo courtesy of Steven McFeeters)

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