Saturday, 12 January 2013

For Thine Is Africa

For Thine is Africa

You were mine, my little one
Who rocked so gently in my arms
 And laughed at my stupidities.
You grew, my lovely one
To challenge all my world and
No longer listen to my endlessness.
And so you left, my worldly one,
Fearless of machete, rape and AIDS
Sowing knowledge, giving life and hope and praise

I needed you, my angel
To keep you safe, secure and loved in
My conventional worldly ways.
I dreamt your life, my golden girl
But they were my presumptions
A father’s selfishness transposed

But you now African, my love
Seduced by her wilderness
And her obsidian mysteries.
You will not return.
So forgive me, my gentle grace,
For thine is Africa and free
Take care and sometimes think of me
I always will be there

For although the seas divide us
And time so quickly flies
We still can meet each other
In the dreamland of our minds;
And you’ll still mine, my little one
To rock so gently in my arms and
Laugh at my stupidities

Bryan D. Cook for Bruce Clements,  Ottawa , January 2013

Context for “For Thine is Africa”
I wrote this poem for a musician, Bruce Clements, whose daughter is in Africa. We share the same sentiments about the upbringing of our children. I hope that he will compose a tune for these lyrics one day.

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