Saturday, 12 January 2013

Guilty and Cobalt Blue


Caged in wire

Chained forever

On display

Disdained or coveted

A trinket

Hung with your brethren

Around an aging neck.

Is this why, reject shard,

you journeyed far

by current dragged

by wave pummelled

by rock tumbled

by sand smoothed

by salt hydrated,

transformed into a mermaid’s tear?

Hide from my obsessive eyes

and my marauding hands,

cocoon in weed and

camouflage with shell;

and when the ocean storms,

listen to the siren winds,

go back and journey on.

Bryan D. Cook  Ottawa,  January, 2013


I occasionally reflect on the other side, though it is not always good for me! I took this triptych and converted it into a positive point of view in Cobalt Blue. 

Cobalt Blue

Milk of Magnesia

sharded by a winter storm

from the shore-side dump

to journey far,

tumbling and etching

into mermaids’ tears

of misty cobalt blue.

I dance the

light fantastic

when you emerge

from weed cocoon

or shelly camouflage.

Argentium shall

enrobe you,

pearl and crystal be

your bridesmaids; and

you shall be

forever reunited

on a Viking’s knit

of harmony and love

and mystery.

Bryan D. Cook  Ottawa, January 2013

More Context

I put these counterpoint poems on the Sea Glass Poets Society Website and had the joy of having Linda Steger write an ode around one of my images:

I bare my soles and wade in the waters of life;

Along the shore of time, I stitch the line.

Listen to the siren winds, go back and journey on.

Oh, soul you know, you know who calls and journeys on!

This gem of cerulean, and one of fire, another of light, one of desire:

I cage them up to free myself. A selfish gesture but a necessary

Exchange while in this cage of mine to wander.

Linda Steger, January 2013,  “Ode to Bryan Cook’s poetic contribution “Listen to the siren winds, go back and journey on.”

I found the ode delicate…..exquisite….. like a finely wrapped pendant on life’s chain. Every line has a graceful image interwoven with emotion expressed in metaphor…..and yet its form is succinct and simple. Thanks Linda!

Old Phillips Milk of Magnesia Bottle

Sea glass pendant in argentium silver (by Bryan Cook)

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