Monday, 18 March 2013

Reluctant Orchid Duet

Mother’s Day Orchid
Bryan. D. Cook
Ottawa, March 5, 2013

Tanya’s orchid still won’t flower.
It had a splendid spray
when bought by the kids for Mother’s day,
four years ago,
pale green petals and white tongues
which lingered on for months.
In its new slot pot with special soil
it hung straw roots and grew large shoots
and we waited, waited, waited
for the flowers to reappear ;
but no such luck
watered, fertilised and sun-lit
it smiled a contented, leafy smile
and declared that’s it!

The Doctor Is In

By Bill Arthurs
Ottawa, March 6, 2013

Assure your Tanya that we shall fight
To cure her ailing epiphyte.

Mayhaps homesick for its native shore
In Myramar or Singapore;
But without a voice to cry its plight,
It keeps its silence through the night.

We cannot know its history well,
Or take down its genes to tell.
It cannot call its friends back home
Due to lack of voice or cellular phone.

Could this orchid's dire plight
Be simply due to improper light?
With its photoplasts unemployed
Does it lack the energy once enjoyed?

Or is improper nourishment the cause
Of why it retreated from where it was?
We shall have to wait and see,
And probe the plant’s biology

Context for Reluctant Orchid Duet
I sent the first poem along with my partner's delinquent orchid to a friend and expert in genealogy and orchids, Bill Arthurs, with whom it is now undergoing rehabilitation! He wrote me back the second poem. I thought them is pleasant to dialogue in poetry!

Dendrobium orchid

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