Sunday, 30 June 2013



She beckons agelessly

across her threshold palette -
crazed tiles of ochre, green and
umber as sunset in Paris
where flowers blaze reflections
on the sidewalk's sluice and
bolds her letters of seduction:
vins fins, vielles and proprietes.
The deep perspective of
her muted navy grey faƧade
welcomes with eclectic joy
to blanc, rouge, rose and burgundy,
fanned gently

She bids come taste her art. 

Bryan Cook, Ottawa, July 2013

Context to Sheridan
Sheridan Kovacs is a very talented Canadian artist of eclectic variety. She gave me this acrylic painting of a Parisian Maison de Vins in return for help in baby-sitting her dogs! In this ekphrastic poem I see her through her  painting.

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